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Non-Profit Videos with Sizzle

On June 17th, 2010, posted in: Video Production by Jeff MacIntyre Comments Off

Most non-profit marketing campaigns fail. Rarely is the message at fault. Boiled down, the mission statement of all these organizations is the same—to support and enact positive change for humanity. Don’t blame the messenger when the medium is at fault.

The Medium. The mode one employs to spread the message. For years marketing campaigns were limited to the print medium. Press kits, brochures, multi-page reports and double spaced mission statements were charged with the daunting responsibility of motivating one to take pen to check. During the marketing dark ages, this was a successful technique. After all, it was all the world knew.

Today, most organizations have embraced more hi-tech mediums to spread the word of their good work—PowerPoints, mass emails and the internet.

An absolute essential piece to the marketing puzzle is the medium of video. Video. A collection of moving images and sounds that not only tell a story but transport the viewer into the story. Trying to reach the “show me-don’t tell me” generation without video is marketing suicide.

There is no better medium to illicit an emotional response from potential donors. Imagine reading a 3 page PDF about a group of doctors who travel to Africa to perform life-saving surgeries on women with cervical cancer. There’s even a couple pictures of the doctors with the smiling women. It’s definitely moving.

Imagine a five minute video documenting the journey of these doctors. Potential donors will be transported into the operating room and the lives of these women. They’ll be immersed into a world they never knew existed. They’ll see the impact of the doctors work and feel the tears of gratitude from the women whose lives were saved.

Which medium is more likely to move someone to support the cause?

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