Free Video Consult

Does Your Video Sizzle? Ours do.

Don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings if you already have a promotional video for your non-profit. We realize you had a life before we met and we’re 100% okay with it. Hopefully you’re ecstatic with your current video. Call us crazy, but we believe a video is an extension of your organization. It must reflect the heart and soul of your mission statement. If not, it’s just a missed opportunity.

We don’t want you to pass up any fund raising opportunities. To show you how committed we are, Jeff MacIntyre, Promote the Cause’s CEO, would like to watch your video and tell you what he thinks. And he’d like to do it for free! This is a no-risk, no-commitment offer. If your video’s hot, we’ll tell you so (we may even ask who did it…always nice to befriend the competition). If it’s not so hot, we’ll offer suggestions to make it better.

Of course we’d love to have you as a client. But our main goal is to help non-profits promote their cause with the best tools possible. After all, there’s enough crappy video online. We’re just trying to do our part to keep the net free of lame video. Please help us support the cause by making sure your marketing video sizzles.

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