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Tips and Tricks to Rock Your Video

If you donated money to help quake-ravaged Haiti, you should be mad.

I just returned from a special assignment this week in Port au Prince. In some areas it looks like the shaking just stopped yesterday. Disarray, despair and devastation are constants everywhere you turn. Read more »

Meet the Fistula Girls

On July 5th, 2010, posted in: Production Diary by Jeff MacIntyre

It’s 102 degrees. Flies are buzzing. A stench permeates the air. The only working air conditioner is a woman with a piece of cardboard. She’s fanning the surgeons from Medicine for Humanity who’ve traveled from Los Angeles to a small E. African country. Today they’re performing eight fistula repair surgeries. It’s a procedure unheard of in the developed world. In Africa, where pre-natal care is almost non-existent and, when available, it’s out of reach for most, women suffer extreme childbirth. Read more »

Non-Profit Videos with Sizzle

On June 17th, 2010, posted in: Video Production by Jeff MacIntyre Comments Off

Most non-profit marketing campaigns fail. Rarely is the message at fault. Boiled down, the mission statement of all these organizations is the same—to support and enact positive change for humanity. Don’t blame the messenger when the medium is at fault. Read more »

Videos with Happy Endings

On June 17th, 2010, posted in: Video Production by Jeff MacIntyre Comments Off

Money. Every nonprofit grasps, claws, competes for more of it. Every year more outstretched hands appear as resources disappear. Absolutely necessary for their survival, are the finite resources of the generous. With thousands of charities competing for precious life-saving dollars, how does your organization stand out from the money hungry pack? Read more »