Promote the Cause

Promote the Cause’s team of video producers travel the world, producing video that makes a difference. They have over 20 years of experience of transforming the image in a camera’s viewfinder into an effective fundraising tool. While they are proud of their 11 Emmy Awards and 31 nominations, what really matters is the essential humanitarian work of their clients. Work, which would be impossible, without fundraising dollars.

Good Stories Make Good Videos

With thousands of charities competing for precious life-saving dollars, how does one organization stand out from the money hungry pack? Video.

Video. A collection of moving images and sounds that not only tell a story but transport the viewer into the story. Trying to reach the “show me-don’t tell me” generation without video is marketing suicide.

Anyone can shoot video. It takes a team of seasoned production specialists to turn those moving images into images that move an organization closer to its fund-raising goals.